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science communication consulting

Are you a scientist, researcher, laboratory, or other organization looking to learn how to be a more effective and inclusive science communicator? Keep reading to learn about our Science Communication Consulting program!


For the past five years, Everblue has built a bridge between published science and public use. We have translated cutting-edge marine research into interesting and unique formats on social media, blogs, and lesson plans, breaking down the paywall barrier on scientific journals and removing tough-to-understand jargon. This increases scientific literacy and makes science accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about the ocean, leveling the playing field and opening doors to knowledge from current research. We empower people to feel like they can read, engage with, and incorporate science into their everyday lives in order to live in a more ocean-friendly way.


Now, we want to empower scientists to be effective communicators of their research. We want to reach back across the bridge we have created, teaching scientists how to use our methods of science communication and translation to connect with nonscientists. 


Through Everblue’s Science Communication Consulting (SCC,) you and your lab, team, or organization can learn how to be effective science communicators through our communication workshops and media consultations. Click each section below to learn more about specific programs.

In SCC Workshops, learn how to incorporate effective science communication techniques into your presentations, how to use graphics to portray complex scientific concepts, and how to use social media and websites to showcase your lab’s work and build an audience and a network of partners and supporters.


Click on each of the buttons below to learn about Everblue's areas of expertise you can incorporate into workshops or consultations.

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