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a c t i v i s m

Having a hard time engaging others in productive conversations about climate change? Try wearing your Everblue shirt more often! When people ask what your shirt is about, don't be afraid to share what you know about the state of our oceans and why it's important to you.

Rise up! Millions of people have marched on their governments, demanding that more be done to address climate change. Whether it's a local petition, march, or public political meeting on climate change or energy resources, challenge yourself to get involved. Our voices can, and will, be heard if we speak loudly.

What's in a name? It's time to start using, and encouraging others to use, the term "climate crisis" instead of "climate change". The language that we use can help add important emphasis to climate conversation in the news and in our daily lives.

Challenge yourself to talk to someone about an ocean issue you care about! We can start changing the narrative to "it's too big for us to damage" to "it's too important for us to ignore".

If you live somewhere where you're eligible to vote, do it! Voting is one of the most effective, and easy, ways that we can make change. It's important to have leaders in charge who make decisions that can help keep the ocean ever blue!

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