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  • Sustainable and eco-friendly clothing brands and info: @getwisefool @gypsea_swimwear @prawnoapparel @happyearthapparel @thenorthface @patagonia @versacevegan

  • Check out To-Go Ware! This organization makes portable, dishwasher-safe, BPA- and phthalate-free bamboo utensils that you can carry so you’ll never be left without your trusty reusable supplies.

  • 4Ocean is an organization committed to cleaning marine debris 7 days a week! To help them remove 1 pound of trash from the sea, you can purchase one of their bracelets. If you don't live close enough to the beach to participate in cleanups, this is a perfect way to contribute to picking up trash!

  • Have you heard of Boxed Water? This brand is committed to providing sustainable alternatives for single use water containers, made of recyclable paper rather than plastic. Plus, every time you post a picture of Boxed Water with the hashtag #BetterPlanet they plant two trees!

  • Brands like @respectthefin sell clothing that can be used to start a dialogue about sharks’ crucial role in ocean ecosystems and the need for respect and protection of these misunderstood species.

  •  Shopping for a new phone case? Support companies that promote zero waste lifestyles like @pelacase. They are durable, 100% compostable, sent in plastic free packaging, and come in a variety of colors with customizable designs.

  • Gimme 5 is a program that collects plastics that are marked #5 such as plastic bottle caps, some yogurt containers, some plastic utensils, and many more products. This type of plastic isn’t always accepted in curbside recycling, so enter Gimme 5! There may be a drop off receptacle in your local Whole Foods or Co-op market, but you may also mail in your plastics after you collect a boxful.

  • Microfibers are tiny synthetic plastic fibers that shed from clothing during laundering. During every wash, thousands of microfibers shed from our clothing and wash down the drain into waterways and the oceans, where they are ingested by wildlife. You can help stop microfiber pollution by using a washing machine filter or fiber catching device like a Cora Ball!