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i n v o l v i n g   f o o d

Let's talk about veggies! For many of us, meat is a staple in our diet. If you're not ready to dive into a plant-based diet, start small with something like "meatless Mondays"!

If you can, shop at farmer's markets! Buying locally sourced food reduces unnecessary plastic packaging and the overall carbon footprint. 

When shopping at grocery stores, opt for bulk items with zero, or no, packaging. Don't forget to bring reusable containers like jars and mesh produce bags!

Meal plan and make grocery lists before you head to the store to avoid over buying, which will in turn reduce your food waste. 

The creation of new farmland can destroy natural habitat. To reduce the need for new farmland, reduce the amount of food you waste! About 1/3 of the global food produced (~1.3 billion tonnes) is wasted. The next time you cook, try using all of the vegetable! Broccoli stems are often discarded, but taste really good when cooked with other foods!

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