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o u r   m i s s i o n

Right now, the ocean is facing more pressure from human activity than ever before. Ocean warming, overfishing, marine debris, coral bleaching, and pollution fill our seas. Thankfully, there is also an unprecedented amount of people studying these pressures to find ways we can turn them around! Unfortunately, these findings often go unnoticed or are misunderstood by non-scientists.

That’s why we created Everblue. Everblue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the state of Oregon under the Charitable Partnership Fund. We are dedicated to empowering ocean-minded lifestyles by increasing scientific literacy. We use the internet and social media to share summaries of marine research followed by suggestions for sustainability tips. Join us on our journey to learn about the issues from current science, share our knowledge with each other, and change our actions based on what we find! 

The Everblue team is a diverse group of people - scientists, students, teachers, commercial fishers, artists, journalists, and more - who are passionate about our ocean and teaching others how to take care of it. Each week, we summarize scientific papers for you to read on our website, your social media feed, or your email inbox. We want to make science easy to understand and easy to access! Then, we write lifestyle tips for you that are easy and ocean-friendly. We share little ways to find products that are good for the environment, eat plant-based meals, or lower your carbon emissions. We want to make sustainability accessible for your lifestyle, no matter where you live or what you do!

Everblue is also dedicated to connecting you to science around the world. To give you an inside look at the process of researching the ocean, we collaborate with marine scientists, acting as a liaison between labs and you. During each scientists’ research, we use the Everblue platform to share their work with you. Check out our Laboratory Collaborations page to learn more!

So that’s it: we learn about current research, share our knowledge, and change our actions. We believe that by introducing you to marine laboratories and connecting science to solutions, we can all work to keep the ocean ever blue.

So, are you with us?

Sincerely, the Everblue Team

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