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Jennie Warmack

Research Administrator

Jennie is an oceanographer who has performed funded research on sinking microplastics. She is currently Master of Arts in Teaching to become a middle school science and math teacher with the specialization of teaching subject-area material to English language learners.

Joanna Lyle


Joanna is working on a Master of Science in marine biology, 

researching the impact of climate change on jellyfish blooms off the coast of Oregon. She is fascinated by the connections between marine life, big and small, and enjoys sharing her love of the ocean with anyone who will listen.

Dominic Librie

Graphic Design

Dom is in his final year of the architecture program at the University of Oregon, and he’s particularly interested in sustainable design and how buildings and landscapes can support each other. When he’s not behind a screen, he continues to learn from the wonders of the outdoors by hiking, running, and exploring.

Erin Parker


Erin is a marine biologist and is currently working as an environmental educator in Virginia, teaching kids about the local environment and sustainability. Her passion is for all things coral and she hopes to one day work in reef restoration!

Tyler McFarland


Tyler is a biodiversity and conservation student as well as a gymnastics coach. He loves to be physically active and hopes to help educate and influence others to live a more ocean-friendly life style.

Kalli Creitz

Accounting Advisor

Kalli is a marketing and Spanish student who loves to be outside. She is passionate about protecting our beautiful Earth by taking small, daily measures and spreading awareness.

Rachel Aitchison

Website Administrator, Research, Graphic Design

Rachel is working towards a Master of Science and is interested in understudied cartilaginous fish. She loves to make art almost as much as she loves the sea and her secret goal is to one day be on Shark Week. When she's not at the beach, she's probably in the mountains.

Sibly McCullers

Facebook Administrator,

Newsletter Administrator

Sibly grew up on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Old Dominion University. She has a deep passion for the ocean and its inhabitants, and is eager continue her journey to save them with team Everblue

Alexia Halen

Nonprofit Consultant

Alexia is a non-profit development consultant specializing in launching grassroots organizations to the next level. She's passionate about ocean conservation and is excited to be a member of the Everblue team.

Leo Zaklikowski

LinkedIn Administrator

Leo is a marine biologist and polychaete enthuthiast. He has worked as a fisheries observer and lab assistant, and hopes to one day study the deep sea and in Antarctica.

Ellie Jones

Executive Director, Instagram Administrator

Ellie is a marine biologist and ocean advocate. Her past research has included studying microplastics in the deep sea and ocean acidification on coral reefs, and she’s interested in studying marine protected areas in the future. Outside of the ocean, Ellie’s main passions are for science communication and education.

Natalie Karcher


Natalie is a Spanish and health sciences student. She spends her summers working at a commercial fishery in Alaska and can often be spotted doing cartwheels on the beach

Andy Ishu

Graphic Design

Andy is a University of Oregon graduate that is passionate about environmental protection. His main focus is to help foster a greater sense of stewardship for our natural world. Through videography, photography, and other art mediums the goal is to connect people more to the world around them, in order to strengthen their relationship to it. 

Morgan Janes


Morgan is a marine biologist who recently earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon, and is currently working as a lab tech at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. She is interested in habitat conservation, marine reserves, and unique marine symbiotic relationships, and has an enormous amount of love for cephalopods!

Emma Waibel

Social Media

Emma is an Oregon Native who graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Interpersonal Communication. She is currently the Social Media Coordinator for a Nashville-based company. Emma is passionate about spending time outdoors, serving others, and pursing various creative endeavors. Emma is excited to use social media platforms to amplify our message.

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