May 2021 Research Summaries and Sustainability Tips

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It’s easy to see how the ocean takes care of us - think about how much tourism the ocean brings to coastal towns, how coral reefs and marshes calm offshore storms, and how peaceful you feel standing next to the sea and breathing in salty air. But did you know there’s a type of research science that seeks to measure those benefits?

This unique type of science is called “ecosystem services,” and researchers who study it use mathematical models and measurements to try to determine a number for what the ocean actually gives us (most services are measured in $$$, but others are measured in fish numbers, tourism impacts, and more!)

This research paper also focuses on ecosystem DISservices - how coral reefs can take away from benefits to humans. Some disservices include litter that gets captured on reefs and the impacts of invasive fish. Studying the balance of ecosystem SERVICES and DISSERVICES can help scientists better manage the ocean areas we live next to and benefit from!

This study specifically focuses on the island of Tobago. Check out our infographic to see how different coral reef ecosystem services and disservices interact around this island nation!

RESEARCH PAPER: Hydro-morphological characteristics provide insights into coral reef services and disservices. Alemu I et al. 2021.

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