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Everblue's Sustainable Gift Guide 2020

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Aaaaaand we’re back with another holiday gift guide, updated for 2020!

This year, we teamed up with SeaBlue ( and the Pacific Northwest Consortium on Plastics ( to bring you the most small-business friendly, zero-waste, ocean-minded gift guide possible. Keep reading to help spark your holiday gifting plans!

If you haven’t already heard from the too-early-holiday-sales ads (anyone else think that Christmas should have to wait ‘til after Thanksgiving?), finding gifts this year is going to look pretty different since shopping in person isn’t an option for many of us. One thing that will remain the same is the need to make the holidays more earth-conscious so that our *socially distanced* celebrations aren’t a downer for Mother Natch’. So this year is the perfect opportunity to dig into your creative side and upcycle some objects you already own! And, if you’re looking for a quarantine project, DIY holidays is the perfect excuse. Check out last year’s gift guide for all of our tips on upcycling and thrifting your gifts! If you don’t feel like making or thrifting gifts, giving your time to your loved ones or making charitable donations in their name are both wonderful options to spread the love, especially this year when so many are in need of some extra support. Check out last year’s gift guide for our complete tips on DIY, thrifting, ways to give you time, and conservation organizations we at Everblue support:

If you’re shopping for new items, this year it’s more important than ever to buy from local small businesses - these are already hurting from the shutdowns, and it’s important that we give our money to them to support our local economies and help keep small businesses running! Depending on COVID-19 restrictions in your area, it may not be possible to visit these small businesses in person; if that’s the case, check to see if businesses you want to support are conducting sales on a website or through their social media (Facebook and Instagram are both big for online sales). Let’s help each other get through these tough times!

Finally, we’ve updated our list of favorite brands here at Everblue. This year we wanted to highlight Black and Indigenous shops, since in many cases these communities have been hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, we wanted to give you a list of eco-friendly places to buy reusable masks. We also just had to shine a light on our new partner, SeaBlue! This amazing, women-run collective launched their online marketplace earlier this year as a platform for small, ocean-conscious vendors to sell their products with the goal to make ocean-friendly shopping convenient, transparent and inspiring for all of us. All of their vendors are listed below.

Bonus: If you want to check on the sustainability of other brands you’re considering buying from, Good On You has your back! Visit and look up the brand name, they have thousands in their directory and it’s a great tool for sussing out greenwashing.

Note: Not all of the brands owned by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) we’ve highlighted below have explicit sustainability statements available on their websites; these have been indicated by **. We chose to still include them in this list because supporting small businesses owned by BIPOC is extra important this year. Even though their focus may not be on sustainability, these small shops are still a more ethical choice than big box stores or Amazon, especially since many of them make their products by hand in small batches from non-synthetic materials.

Ocean-Friendly Brands:

Personal Care

Clothing & Swimwear



Low-Waste Living:


Indigenous & POC Owned:

Want to see even more BIPOC brands? Check out this list from our friends at the Pacific Northwest Consortium on Plastics of sellers that they love!

Reusable Masks:

  • Lotus & Luna: fairly employs women in Thailand

  • Tentree: made from repurposed fabrics

  • Christy Dawn: made from leftover fabric scraps that would otherwise go to landfill

  • SeaBlue: handmade in USA from fabric scraps

  • Orenda Tribe: handmade by members of the Navajo nation

  • Stacia: made from repurposed textiles

Everblue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to encouraging ocean-minded living by increasing scientific literacy. To support us this holiday season, visit!

Check out last year’s gift guide for even more tips and favorite ocean-friendly brands!

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