s h a r k s   a n d   r a y s

David A. Ebert, one of the paper's authors who shared this research with the Everblue team, is a world expert on shark-like rays. He is the Program Director at the Pacific Shark Research Center and a researcher at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, both located in California. His exciting current research looks into learning more about undiscovered and understudies species of cartilaginous fishes - after all, sharks are famous, but what about the wedgefish? Read this week's lesson to see for yourself!

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Sharks and rays and shark-like rays, oh my! Welcome to the wonderful world of cartilaginous fishes. This week, students will learn all about different kinds of sharks and their relatives! Students will use a key to correctly identify different species, and will learn about fishing pressure on sharks and how to protect them! This week’s lesson is based on a paper that was just published this year called “The thin edge of the wedge: Extremely high extinction risk in wedgefishes and giant guitarfishes.

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