p e n g u i n s

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Our newest Everblue lesson plan includes a trip to Antarctica to study gentoo penguins using our observations! This lesson is based on a 2019 paper called "Intertidal foraging by gentoo penguins in a macroalgal raft" by James B. McClintock, Charles D. Amsler, Margaret O. Amsler, and William R. Fraser, who have spent their careers researching the Antarctic. In this research, scientists studying Antarctic ecosystems and animals observed gentoo penguins and noticed a unique feeding pattern where the penguins would take short trips to an algae raft just offshore to eat small krill! In this lesson, students learn how useful observational data is to the scientific process.

Gentoo penguins foraging in a macroalgal

raft in Antarctica from McClintock et al., 2019