l e a r n i n g   f r o m

l i o n f i s h

Dr. Alemu is an applied marine ecologist interested in applying ecosystems thinking to help solve conservation problems. Most of his research focuses on the tropical reef communities surrounding his home of Trinidad and Tobago, though his current research is based in Singapore, where he is studying ecosystem benefits.

This lesson is the last in our two-month series during the 2020 quarantined school year - happy summer, everyone, and congratulations for making it through such a challenging school year. But, never fear... the Everblue At-Home Education doesn't end here! From now on, we'll release monthly education lessons in conjunction with our brand-new Laboratory Collaborations program, launching June 8.

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It’s time for our final return to the reef..... This week, we’ll be learning from lionfish! In this lesson, students will meld their math, geography, and biology skills together to learn about invasive lionfish in the Caribbean. Then, they’ll spend some time thinking critically and using problem-solving to figure out how to manage these tropical reefs to keep them healthy. This week’s lesson is based on the third and final paper by Dr. Jahson B. Alemu I in our Everblue At-Home Education reef series.


Bill Bigelow