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l a b   c o l l a b s

Are you a researcher looking for ways to get more involved in outreach and science communication? Are you interested in educating the public on your research? Maybe you’re an early career scientist or graduate student wanting to tell a story about your work. However your work fits into the scientific world, if you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to communicate your research to a wide audience, Everblue’s Laboratory Collaborations are for you!

These partnerships (fondly referred to as Lab Collabs by our team) are opportunities for you to work with Everblue’s team to advance your research outreach or fulfill requirements for broader impacts in your most recent research grants. Lab Collabs are opportunities for you, your research, and your lab to be featured in Everblue’s outreach materials, including weekly research posts on social media, educational lesson plans, blogs, and more. Lab Collabs are a unique way to educate a large audience on the topic of your research, all at a minimal time commitment and cost to you.

Laboratory Collaborations are set up to be as accessible for researchers as possible, with three options for involvement ranging from short- to long-term collaborations. Keep scrolling to read a table outlining our three options and figure out which option is best for you and your lab or research project.

Interested in a Lab Collab? Email us at with a description of your research! The Everblue team will set up an hour video call to interview you and learn about your research, you’ll share a folder of your favorite photographs and publications, and then the Everblue team will take it from there, and our professional science communicators and educators will create a week’s (or longer) worth of outreach and educational materials for your lab. 

Why do a Laboratory Collaboration?

  • Science communication is essential for your research to be heard and utilized

  • Receive the benefits of outreach and exposure for your work without additional effort or time on your part

  • Increase the impact of your work

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